Wednesday, December 6, 2006

sold out

the cyclepassion calendar is sold out and we have no more stock in our living room. some copies still will be out at some dealers. now it is time to put some thoughts into the 2008 version which will be produced Q1 next year. Anke and I already received some model application still needing volunteers to cast the finalists :-) On a more serious matter we think about style and content and your input is more than welcome as long as we need n.b. to clean up this blog. cheers from BERLIN


Dear riders, I have just received in the mail a few goodies from Sigma Sport, including The Cyclist's Training Bible...I will post some comments as soon as I browsed through it though it is the same author/structure as the Triathlete's Training Bible which I read and it is quite good. Also, I received the Cyclepassion calendar which hosts the kind of women that rider eazy-e is used to seeing................on TV


Cycle films

Muchachos, winter is going to be long. Resting is a key part of training. Bellow you will find a key list of films to watch. Enjoy and avoid icecream!!!

some appocaliptic material... "... I love the smell of napalm in the morning..."
Felice Gimondi Gran Fondo 12th Edition on May 13 2007. We cannot miss this one!!! Entries open on Jan 1st and close on April 21st. Registration fee is Euro 26 and the race starts in Bergamo. We can fly Ryanair on Friday night and race on Sunday. There are three different routes: 95.7 km, 134.5 km and 165.3. The site is under construction but you can have a look at the previous edition's details here: . RiderPitts can explain Rider Eazy-E who Gimondi is.......

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Total spin class domination

riderpitts and ridereazy-e were all being observed in awe by the rest of the class as they destructed 7 bikes in an all-comers free for all at an LA Fitness spin class. Smoke and sparks were seen trailing the stationary bikes including one which actually started to move bucking like a rented burro. No power meter could gauge the force.

July 2007 on my mind

Just flipping through the latest PROCYCLING magazine and checking on the new stages for the 2007 TDF I realized it is going to kick off on the small island in the North Sea. Last year I was able to ride my bike to the start of the prolog in Strassbourg. What about this year? S.b. experienced in riding a bike across the channel or will it be allowed to use the tunnel? Dirk

Monday, December 4, 2006

new frontier: fixed vs single gear

dear fellow riders,

is a pleasure to be part of such an interesting community. Riderpittsy’s efford to put together a fellowship like this must be rewarded. Pittsy we are working on getting you some good quality meat for dinner.

On a side note, I want to share with you my findings on fixed gears bikes and messenger community. First please check this link and let me know your thoughts on fixed gear/single gear bikes.


Continental Europe is online, regards Dirk

... started to pick up with training for next years competition December 1st. Will have training camp on La Palama Island starting Jan 1st. S.b. to join? Dirk