Tuesday, March 20, 2007

rider chichi and riderzinni's new ride

good to see a couple of strong chuckleheads arnt afraid to drop some cabbage on some gear. Ernesto colnago himself has overseen the wrenching.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Dear Riders,

On saturday I moved into my new flat in Princes Square. The few times I visted the flat before moving in I always saw a car parked outside with three Thule bike racks, and I felt happy to know there were other riders in the vicinity...and then, on Sunday morning, as I come in from my morning run, I see the door of the flat nex door opened and two nice racers ready to be places in the Thule racks...and to my surprise ridermama shows up from inside...amazing, I just moved in next door to two strong members of the Ranch!!! What are the odds?? So now I have less of an excuse to miss training...I can already hear the knock on the door on SUnday morning to hit the road to Turville..;-)

It seems like the Ranch brings people together....as soon as a flat becomes available in the building, one of you should take and we will not stop until we fill the building with riders...hahaha