Monday, September 8, 2008


Whilst the bread-eating, pasta-puffing members stuff their biker bodies with useless carbs at the wrong time, Rider Stem Cell continues to optimize and multiply his ATP Factors (mitochondria) through a strict regime of Meat, Nuts, Veggies and Fruit.

You will pay!!!! RiderStemCells monster thighs will pummel the hills during the next race.......and leave everyone begging for more Halva!!!!!!!

thats a good looking finish

Good old tom pitts limps across the finish at the granfondo prosecco after being dragged around for 6 hours on the wheel of the noshow. Good clean fun despite the fact i exhausted the all american lacross player - the same way a pony express rider would run his horse down to a foaming frothing mangle of sinew. So i sat - taking all the glory - sitting in +27 venetian sunshine - with dancing girls and booth babes open to canadian charms - and the noshow a quivering, spent lump of marblehead muscle.