Monday, September 29, 2008

Gimondi review

In a faithful attempt to distract fellow ranchers from the misery of our stock markets and financial system, I decided to post a few photos from the Gimondi race.  Here's one with the team of 3 powering along with a few italian locals making a vain attempt to draft us.  
Easy-E looking strong as we fan out behind him.
Here's one within a few minutes of the finish.  Note the concentration of the two Ranchers for the final homestretch.  After 4 and a half hours of hard racing they look in the zone and hungry for the line.
And then there was the finish.  While Zeke and Reido were still out on the course competing for the impressive long race, Noshow and Cali were rolling across the finish.  I think the smiles say it all...Happy days.