Saturday, April 21, 2007


Ranch gear will be arriving this monday. I ordered extra gear so there is flexibility if you send me an email.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

This Saturday- Turville ride + Burguers

Fellow riders- To celebrate my b-day this saturday 21/04 @ 11.30hs we meet up at Bull and Butcher for a nice ride through Turville rolling hills. I will pay for burguers after.. will be great to see you all there- best, rider- easy-e

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Princes Square Squad

Riderchiche, Ridermama & Riderturbo did a morning Turville ride last Sunday 15 April. Riderchiche was climbing strong as billy goat on the first ride of his beautiful brand new carbon Colnago Cristallo. Ridermama was carrying seven months worth of baby -- which at 10kg extra weight, we calculated weighed more than Riderchiche's entirely new 7.2kg bike. Riderturbo and riderchiche did double climbs while ridermama paced herself on the hills to keep her heartrate under the doctor-recommended 140bpm. It was a beautiful spring morning in ol' Buckinghamshire!

Monday, April 16, 2007

who is playing for 2nd place

ranch colors at the col de planche

views at champex

Rider emilian - hanging out with a rider wearing the surm (see blog race dates) 230k black forest race - admiring the mountain cirq at 1900m- the weekend weather was rider perfect topping +25 - no wind - those that made the effort - the gods were smiling - and they won.

riderhowe and the alps - the "i own pain" award

For 2 epic efforts with a hobbled back - riderhowe is awarded the "i.o.p." of the weekend. Little less than one week ago rider howe was a self labled "walking parabola" - unable to tie his shoes - riderhowe refused to give in to pain - muttering "base miles - base miles" as he soldiered up climbs of 15k. Pictured above stretching at the summitt of the col de planche - we all applaud his dedication and wince.

rider eazy-e and the alps - "i push" award

rider eazy-e showed strong early season form as he consistently pushed both days of training in verbier. For consistent challenges on the orsier-champex climb - as well as his solo le chable - verbier up in which he dug deep and suprised all with an end of day sub 50 - he wins the "i push" monster of the weekend.