Friday, January 19, 2007


Hey Riderssss... end of the week here, LDN may look a bit gloomy in winter time but I feel STRONG and I wanna go for a RIDE tomorrow at Turville and FLY across all those greats rolling hills. Also we may have a burger after the ride at Bull at Butcher (burgers are good for my soul). Any takers? Talk tomorrow- Best, rider easy-e.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

vo2 max testing feb 14 details

we have booked 5 places for feb 14 with Dr Andy Reid - additional slots will be made available once the first batch go through - i have copied his mail to me below which details the test: book your spot on the comments section.

1) Measurement of height and weight
2) Lactate Profile: Begin at 100W, increasing workload by 40W every 4 mins until close to maximum while measuring heart rate, cadence, perceived exertion and blood lactic acid concentration.
3) Brief discussion of where each athlete is at current time, comparisons to normative data, suggestions for training relevant to current/seasons goal.
4) Written report and phone discussion with each athlete once I have mulled over the data (we will be a bit pressed for time on the night because we are trying to get everyone through).

The cost for each person is £95 (cash or cheque, sorry no plastic!)

I am off the France to New Zealand Cycling's European Training Centre for 3 days tomorrow. When I get back I will email you again with a sheet to collect data/ history from each of the riders coming in for testing, and also to give you directions on how to get to the test venue.

Did you say to me that you wanted to book another 5 people in. If so either the Tuesday night (13th, or the Thursday night 15th) look pretty good at the moment. If you only have say 3 more interested, it would be good to test 4 each night (so we don't have to run quite so late into the evening). Get back to me on that.

Dragon Ride - Wales


happy 2007. for those who are thinking not going to munich on the 24 of June here is an alternative:

Ridercam did it last year an he says ride is amazing. check the web site