Sunday, July 13, 2008

the expansion of crespo

This blog serves a number of purposes - it updates, it recounts, it forecasts, and motivates. Not sure in which box we put this post - however give the present state of play with onetime strong sprinter - ridercrespo's ever expanding girth - we felt it time to discuss such in a more public forum. Crespo we all know is a very successful investment banker at a large american bank, he enjoys snowboarding, kite surfing, collecting sneakers, and talking about stuff. Never a weakling on the bike - this blog recounted his defeat of both easy-e and the riderchichi in last years eton triathalon. However, as crespo's large guarantee rolled off at the end of this year - it seems to have rolled on somewhere between his knees and chest . As Andy Capp used to sneak away for pints - Crespo - has been caught sneaking around the tacoria - shoveling in their offerings the same way a 13 year year old used to smoke butts behind the shed. Given Crespo's warm and sensitive ways - we at the ranch feel we should create a help group - giving crespo all the support required. We have asked his beautiful and thin wife to begin by throwing out crepo's stash of alfajores and allow him moments like the one pictured with the riderzinni to be more than fleeting.