Saturday, November 21, 2009

Richmond park ride

8 am at Crespos place, its one of those crisp, damp London mornings. The ranch gather together, riderchiche, young boy calner, wide load crespo and eazy-e are getting ready to head towards one of those iconics classics rides, the likes that cemented our friendship, teamspirit and bonding throughout many years> It feels great!! happy guys, big smile in our faces, shooting the shiit, the bad weather is just anectodical, no one really cares... we are just happy and looking fwd to spin the legs...

Richmond in the morning, the color of the fall, the deer, lots of riders going up and down like yo-yo in their bikes, its so cool...

We took it easy, "under 150 heart rate, young calner comanded" its joy of life, and to add to the mystic moment we bumped into rider-speedoreido!! great, we are exited, riding with lone wolf is everys rider Kilimanjaro... the guy is steel, he flies in his de rosa king... and we struggle to follow him.. after one lap at high speed we let lone wolf go ahead and we go back to our winter "under 150 ride" ...

And the Saturday just only started, we have done our workout and endorfines levels are back to top level.. we are feeling good, we are feeling HIGH!

So here is the proof fellas, at the end of the day its not so much about the place, the weather or any external factors, such as money, jobs, status.. its all about the friends and familly, the people we have around, thats is what makes the trick in the pursue of happines and on this one, the ranch has always proven me right.

The heart is singing-