Thursday, May 27, 2010

Welcome to Sofia Rose Zinni

Sorry I couldn't resist... Welcome to the newest member of the Ranch Cycling team....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Allez les bleus!!

Please allow me to yourself, No-show, a man of wealth and taste- living at high standards in Paris- Arrived at his newly furbished pad, a fantastic old, high ceilings house with windows all over the place, full of energy and light, big and spacious, old wooden floor and all those details you expect to see in those houses where the owners possess the most refine taste for the good life... Grown up.

The weekend was awesome, with a great combination between the glamour of Paris, Blue blazer red pocket square look, Hotel Costes (a scene that The no-show has by now mastered) perfume and champagne ( EUR 20 x drink, yikes!!) with the classic hard working ride.

Sunday we woke up early and hit the road, 2hs at fast pace all the way from the well know 16th hood to Versailles, what a place, thousand of years of history looking at us... Feels great to be in Europe.

Thanks to no-show for hosting me here and vive le ranch!! eazy-e