Sunday, May 3, 2009

Le glamour de la RANCH

Ranchers in Paris. Normal.

Friday night, RiderCali arrives in Saint Germain. Confidence is high, the Ranch is getting ready for a big night out surrounded by glamour and years of history in the city of lights.

First stop, Bodega de la Soif. Representing old school fashion, Noshow sporting the classic tweed jacket and Caiipirinhas all around. A young Hemingway wannabe, rider Cali is all fired up at the second Caiipirinha. The ranch wanders out to dinner and...

..RiderEasyE, never afraid of the approach, meets 3 young parisiens and invites them to a local resto for our first Parisien meal of the weekend. Big laughs, too much wine and home to bed with the promise of an early start cycling in the Bois de Boulogne.

A fine example of the sensitivity of the Ranch. Noshow and petite Charlotte cruising Paris on a touristy ride. Ranch winning.

A picture tells a thousand words.... Ranch bon vivants in Paris. Normal.

What's this? EasyE with a navy blue blazer and pocket square? Normal? Europe is certainly adding culture and style to EasyE. Not sure if they would recognize him in BA. Would captain Pitts approve? I suspect one would hear, "That's a grown up purchase."

The post wouldn't be complete without a mention of Guillaume, our Parisien saturday night host where he filled the Ranch bellies with lovely Bourgogne wine, escargots and Vielle Prune to finish the evening in style. The Ranch says, "Merci beaucoup and A bientot."