Tuesday, October 14, 2008

this is how the ranch deals with the meltdown

Riderhowe and Riderpitts spend some quality time together lounging in easy-e's hotub on riderpitts's recent 3 dayer in Zurich .
Given that the ranch found themselves in the middle of the swiss typhoon season - and remembering that nobody had the jam to ride in this years prosecco race - the two canadian transplants felt it only appropriate to get their carb intake from a couple ales and idle the day away listening to vintage marshall tucker and the like. Easy-e feeling a little uncomfortable about letting the two hayseeds loose in his fat cat pad - seemed to be placated with a good dose of riderpitts's homemade chicken soup. However - to his horror - the visiting ranchers soon found the secret to the consistency of easy-e's year around tan - and hidden in the bowels of his 600m2 apartment was the height of 1980's vanity - the sunbed.