Thursday, May 8, 2008

whats up with riderreido

riderreido of aspen col showing his big mountain skiing skills dont stop with arking big turns. Nope, with that beefy beak and that action - world of opportunites await. Riderreido plans on refining the mouth action on his uphill sideways grimaces on unsuspecting italian riders in bergamo this weekend. Riderreido loves a good sammie.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

noshow and albinolatino - engine room for gimondi

The ranch takes to the road this weekend for the season opener in bergamo. Pre race chatter has the riderEasy-E as the favorite to carry the the squad. Known more as riderFreetime these past 4 months - easy-E has regained his early 2007 form by putting considerable miles in his legs and following a strict bean diet. On the eve of his re-location to Zurich - easy-E will be bobbing and weaving and causing general havoc for all that choose to suck his wheel. Riderreido will surely slug it out for late race glory - but the smart money has the sinewy argentine crossing first. RiderNoshow will pull riderPitts for 97% of the race with ridercali nipping both at the line. Ranch fans will ask - well what about riderturbo (baby stuff), riderhowe (newborn baby stuff), rider crespo(have another taco), riderchichi (lady friend stuff), and riderZinni (broken bike stuff).
The general mood and level of fitness has yet to be tested as richmond hill - all 10 meters of it - and lapping regents park - will have the nay sayers - saying nay. The ranch will also be without family and lady friend support which could result in a saturday night carbo-load turning into just one more beer. Good clean fun.