Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Ranchup

January 2010, London.  There have been many months of Ranchers not seen together.  Sure maybe here and there 2 may run into each other but it's been a long time since 4 members of the team sat down for a coffee, nevermind have a race together.  So while Noshow was in London for a brief visit this weekend, Rider Cah Li flew in from the states to return to his chosen city, Rider Easy E has relocated back to London from Zurich and Zinni still steady as she goes taking care of the beautiful Sofia and working as per usual.  This small crew of Ranchers made a point to find 30 minutes to sit down and have a coffee and catch up on news on a rare sunny January day in London.  Sorely missed was the rest of the team - Crespo, Shark, Chiche, Pitts, Turbo, etc etc.  In any event, it wouldn't be a Ranchup without proof hence here is the recording: