Wednesday, December 12, 2007

now thats a pretty xmas girl

anouk - until the crespo or the turbo trumps this and i dare - is the reining cutest christmas baby of the ranch.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ranch xmas party

oh it was a festive evening! Ranchers found themselves together celebrating the best of the season at aphrodite - a local nottinghill greek restaurant. Save for the Zinni and riderhowe - turnout was perfect for the annual exchange of gifts and cheer. More ladyfriend talk than gear speak - we learned of ridermama's plans to continue her meteoric rise in the medical field in LA, riderchichi's plans to relocate to a 2 bedroom with the lovely sarah, the Noshow talking about a late december trip to St barts with the new german( sans bike),ridercali was lamenting that he has 17 dates (which cant be termed dates) with aloha - and has sweet fanny all to show for the effort. Crespo nattered on on how the baby now 10 days past the due date - runs the danger of screwing up his xmas return to argie - and RiderPitts was his old true - strong - dependable self.