Monday, January 22, 2007

look who's playing for second place.

painted by a great old guy in majorca - top of the climb into valdamosa


morning ridersss.. went on a Turville ride on sat with rider crespo and rider lito. BIG BLUE SKY out there, sunny a bit windy and cold but it was a GREAT feeling to be back in the country cruising on those rollers. rider crespo showed up with a new Cervelo CARBON Soloist Team, shocking given the size of his ass! it inspired rider lito and myself to push a bit harder- that bike looked stunning and very FAST! Sunday I woke up late and went with rider cali for a ride at richmond park, we were fine, fast and felt good in the bike nobody could hang with us with lots of pretenders... BUt eventually one rider in a very old racing bike with mudguards on it no less!!! overtook us and I BONKED- a total disaster, all my confidence was gone in just 1 minute... what was weird was I didnt have any feeling that i was running on a reserve tank - normally i can control it a bit better.. still was a great day out- Keep spinning those legs, very best, rider ezzy-e