Sunday, October 21, 2007

eazy-e - finds late season form

Owing some say in part to a resurgent P&L as emerging market credit has bounced back from its summer sell-off - ridereasy-e has once regained his position as a force in the field. The old mohammed ali head bobs were seen once again in italy and have signalled a return to his early season form where easy-e was dominating. Still banging out hours in the saddle in turville - ridereazy-e was heard begging the ranch to bring some back up to lago di como for the gran fondo di lombardo - however looking around the ranch - a few too many pumpkin muffins may be pushing the scales the wrong way for anymore appearances this year. Lets hope that the tittas and alfajores shipments dont get the best of him. Pictured above we see a rarely seen happy zinni and recently summitted kilamanjaro - ridercali.