Saturday, March 28, 2009

Training attempt - Hope Cali is having better luck in Tenerife...

Weekend in Paris while training for upcoming Gimondi, I went in search of any sort of hills I could find.  I could only think of Montmarte so across the city I pedaled at 6am in the cold rain and up the one hill I could find.  Figured I better record it with a photo.

Friday, March 27, 2009

lone wolf - enough said

end of the road - verbier to fionnay - approach to the mauvoisin dam

where there's black top - you can find the lone wolf.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes i mutter "take me back"

Once in a while - but only once in a while - i wake up and meander along the 7 minute hilly walk way up on the peak of hong kong - I work my way through the thick air and drenching humidity to my designated spot for my ride to the office - and along those stumblings I sometimes find I miss my old pre-work morning laps in regents park in London. I miss the white jersey guy who sprints by me and throws a couple fist pumps as he edges out the commuter kid at the stop sign. I miss the one legged black guy who bangs out laps in the mid 30's. I miss the douches of the london dynamos who leer disapprovingly at my 10 year old aluminum de-rosa. I miss ridercali offering me his other glove as my knuckles turn blue. I miss getting hassled by the park security guard as i coast through a red light on a car-less road. But then, like a good breakfast - the feeling is digested and passes. And i reflect on the fact that its not regents I miss - its the routine. So with a few extra kilos that have snuck into my mid section - i make my way to the gym at the american club and sit on the stationary bike for 20 minutes - here I sweat alongside the blackberry tappers faking another workout wondering if that jackass in the white jersey is missing me.