Saturday, August 31, 2013

Biting It

Saturday, August 31.  Morning training ride.  Martigny climb to Col des Planches.  Steep ramps.  A manly climb.  In the background, Rider Sharkbite gassing it.  Oblivious to anything behind him.
In the foreground, some Bradley guy.  Out of the saddle, working hard to reel in the 'Bite.

Ranch Respect!

By the way, when he passed me, I had no idea what hit me. He smoked me.  Said "Good morning" as he passed.  I had no idea there was anyone coming, no idea who it was, and was stunned in incomprehension for 3 solid seconds that some guy had come by me that quick in a section that steep.  "Nice speed" I forced out of my lungs, at the wheel pulling away in front of me.

I am pretty good up a climb.  But that man is truly faaaaaast.