Friday, May 4, 2007

Riderturbo took a quick training ride back at the horse ranch in Colorado on Thursday, with a 5.30am sunrise training spin set against a majestic mountain background. This was followed by inadvertant voltage shock treatment upon opening the horse riding arena gate with "live" electric fence. Authenticity befits the Ranch so a photo of our saddlebred appaloosa gelding next to the jet black Cervelo Soloist seemed appropriate for the Ranch blog. As our friend Bolder in Boulder alludes, riding at high altitude in thin air of Colorado is a invigorating experience -- next year perhaps we'll organize a Ranch team trip for the legendary Triple Bypass, over which mountains Ridermama has inspired many skiers, hikers and cyclists alike.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

morbish 132k - austria april 07

riderpitts and ridereazy-e represented ranchcycling in austria this past weekend. The pair rode agressively making a solid account of themselves. Race was a fast tempo flat course of 132k winding itself through parkland on the austro-hungarian border. Cramps and head winds aside - the race will prove a good warm up for bergamo on the 13 may. We have found our mule to drag back ranch stuff from NY in time for distribution next thursday nite. Suggest a one hour interval spin at regents park - followed by some spagetti with red sauce - and ranch gear for all. Big round of snaps to critirider for all of his efforts.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

rider chichi

a bunch of the ladies that frequent our blog have been asking for more chichi shots. turville heath - april 07.

rider cali

rider eazy e's birthday ride

fresh faced ranch riders - turville