Monday, May 14, 2007

thats how you do it - day 1

An incedible weekend by every measure. The Ranch trickled into bergamo friday and saturday morning to big blue, +28 temp, and 6,000 cyclists. Rider Mamma was found sneaking around the registration stand pleading that insurance shouldnt matter for a 7 month pregnant woman. As RiderHowe's registration never made it through - he quickly seized the opportunity to impersonate ridercrespo, london's newest millionaire, (who was doing what new millionaire's do - and didnt make the trip) - and picked up his starting pack. RiderSammy texted that he felt safer in the comfortable confines of his girlfriends bath robe and slippers - and decided to hit the snooze button. RiderZinni and Rider Schlem were both forced back due to health reasons in one case and two inches of dust on his bike in RiderSchlem's case. So the stage was set for the core of ranchcycling - RiderEazy-E, RiderTurbo, Rider-i got to find a cooler name- Josh, RiderChichi, RiderHowe, RiderCali, and RiderPitts. A great dinner was enjoyed by all Sat night with kids, begamo argentine expats, and a wonderful view of the rolling northern pre-alp. Who says Europe is expensive - when the bill for 13 people came out to a whopping 208 euro. Riders called it a night early, and prepared for the 6:15a.m start the next day. Picture of RiderEmilian and fan favorite Eazy-E.

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rider eazy-e said...

Truth is new millionare in tow, ridercrespo tested POSITIVE and was not available to race- money bites-