Friday, May 18, 2007

Tour du France- L'etap Foix-Loudenvielle July 16

who out there figures this beaten down hombre is going to lead the ranch in france - cause - those of you in the know - know we got spots - so register asap through eazy-e. photo - riderchichi - bergamo may 07


riderchiche said...

I am not beaten down, but rather got that expression to trick people into thinking Gimondi was a tough one ;-)

I look forward to pulling at L'etape, though I would love to share the load with rider eazy-e who, miraculously, always ended behind somebody's wheel rather than at the front...those last 5k in Bergamo were amazing!!

rider eazy-e said...

It takes a strong will and a lot of courage to ride the way rider chiche did- ranchers expect nothing but to keep riding in the front at a FAST tempo. L'etape is coming up soon, lets keep up on training.

Rider Cali said...

The l'Etape du Tour 2007 will be the biggest challenge that The Ranch faces in the 2007 season. Lets stay focused with training over the next 2 months. It is essential that we ride as a team and to do so we need to train as a team to prevent large gaps in conditioning levels.