Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eton Triathlon 19 May 07

Riderturbo, Riderwurzel and Ridermama represented the Ranch at yesterday's triathlon at beautiful Dorney Lake in Eton. Riderwurzel clocked his first triathlon ever in amazing time, flying out of the 400m swim in less than seven minutes, powering his steel Ritchie to a 35 minute 20k bike split, and cruising through the run to put in a very respectable 1:05:27 ranking 20th out of 103 competitors in the men's 25-27 year old age group category. Riderturbo had a solid swim then sported a new aero Giro TT helmet and Reynolds deep dish carbon wheels to save as many minutes as possible on the non-drafting bike split before crusing through the 5km run. He finished in 1:06:54 ranked 12th out of 104 men in 37-39 age group. Having trained the week prior at the Gimondi, and having done some quality training both in Turville on the bike and Hyde Park Serpentine on the swim, both Riderturbo and Riderwurzel booked respectable results for the Ranch amid the lush country setting of the season opener tri. Ridermama took photos and cheered for Ranchriders being seven months pregnant with Riderbaby. Riderwurzel was also accompanied by his lovely girlfriend Rideranya who cheered for the competitors and snapped pics. All look forward to joining Rider Eazy-E and Rider Chiche for the Blenheim triathlon in two weeks!
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riderpitts said...

big results - we should look to get ridercrespo - londons newest millionaire - to throw some dough riderwertzels way and upgrade that el camino he is forced to ride.

rider eazy-e said...

YOU GUYS WON. Great post riderturbo!! and AWESOME results- glad to see ranch colors at the TOP of the league tables. CONGRATS!!

riderchiche said...

WELL DONE riderturbo and riderwurzel...and needless to say the unconditional support from ridermama and riderbaby who I hear is already eager tocome out and get into the ranch gear!!

We now need a session on "tips" with riderturbo ahead of Blenheim...I propose to meet up next week for dinner around the notting hill area since riderturbo/ridercrespo/riderchiche all live there and is easiest..wednesday?