Sunday, February 12, 2012

Machine Upgrade

Such an upgrade to the machine at this time of the year will inevitably lead to many curiosities and questions including but hardly limited to: bonus, priorities, introspection of whether it is time to upgrade my own machine (zeek?), am I fit enough to ride such a machine (cali?) did he finally realize he will have more than the cost of a bike in his bank account when it is time to call it a game (pittsy)etc.

As a starting point it is important to be true to one self. Let's face it, the Trek owes me nothing. Years, tens of thousands of kilometers, and most importantly, brilliant memories both with friends and Hans Solo (183rd km topping Col du Peyresourde with a french man yelling allez pushing me for a few meters and pouring water on my back). However, the strain of the years was becoming more patent with each pedal stroke: the random noises, poor shifting, rear derailleur being stuck in the heaviest gear on the first climb in Felice Gimondi 2010 and again on the 2 day stage from London to Paris etc. It was time. So let us remember her for what she was, a good starter bike and more importantly for what she has become, a great bad weather bike.

I cannot say enough good things about the gents at GB CYCLES ( When you spend such a sum on anything you would expect, but not often receive, great service. These guys delivered. It never felt as though you were being 'sold' anything. Rather they took the time to find out what YOU wanted and then delivered on it.

Happy Riding Fellas and remember ... Health is Wealth.