Thursday, May 10, 2007



the gear arrived safely yesterday at Deutsche Bank's offices in the city of London courtesy or mr John Christofi (we should bring him something from Italy!). Everything is now at my place.

We did not get any accessories (other than socks) but we got the main things. Last night I sorted everything out and prepared little bags with what everyone ordered. I did that on a first-come-first-served as per the blog post where we put our orders (12/12). Overall, we are missing some "medium" items and we have plenty (I think 8 or 9) extra short-sleeve jerseys and bib-shorts in "large" so feel free to increase your order of those.

Summary of what people got:

rider eazy-e: everything (waiting for gloves and cap)
riderpitts: everything (waiting for gloves and cap)
riderchiche: everything (waiting for gloves and cap)
riderzinni: everything (waiting for gloves)
riderturbo: everything (waiting for gloves)
ridercrespo: everything (waiting for gloves)
ridersammy: everything (waiting for cap)
rider z: everything
ridergilbert: everything (waiting for long sleeve jersey and gloves)
howe/dow/lito/broken bones: very partial orders.

I have a swimming lesson tonight and I expect to be home around 10pm for those who wish to pick the gear up. The address is:

Flat 4
70-71 Princes Square
W2 4NY

We've got the looks, now we need to get the moves...



rider eazy-e said...

you rock mann

rider eazy-e said...

sensationl stuff- GEAR LOOKS AWESOME-