Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Power Lunch with Pitts

Power lunched with Rider Pitts toady in Frankfurt. Pitts perfects hand-rubbed ribs, tomatoes, water and cottage cheese for T´s waistline! Planned out potential future: Spokes, Strings and Edges. Met the cute Pitt kids driving Grandma crazy.

Ranch cycler´s need to start thinking seriously about next years Tour Trans-alp (road bike. We need a contingent at this race and I will personally set up the training agenda!



RiderNOSHOW said...

Stemmer - no pasta at lunch? Gonna call you riderbonk. I for one am considering the trans alp next year. why not. Can you genetically modify my system to get me in shape?

RiderStemCell said...

"Can you genetically modify my system to get me in shape?"

Yess, but the side effect is you will grow big breasts-at least double DD. On the other hand, you can pleasure yourself every night after the massage during the trans-alp.

riderturbo said...

Protein power!

Rider Cali said...

pitts - if you will be in europe racing the event i will go.