Friday, July 31, 2009

Rider StemCell Finishes his 3rd Transalp

Rider StemCell finished his 3rd, and last?, mountain bike transalp race last Saturday. The fist stage was cancelled due to 30cm of Snow on the first pass out of Mittenwald. On the second stage, the third pass was cancelled due to 40 cm of Snow. Once out of Germany, the weather was usual. As with the first 2 transalp races, RiderStemCell arrives home with a nasty case of swollen legs and an additional 5 kg of weight. Funnily enough, after 3 days, He is back to normal weight. Why? I´ll tell you why: too many carbs and not enough fat! The food at this event is always horrible! This year I raced in the "Herren" category which had me racing with young boys under 30. I´m a mad and must race with men older than 40! I destroyed a Ranch Jersey with grease as a major Chain suck had me elbow deep in chain grease. Sorry Tom, I owe you a Jersey.

Anyway, I have decided to concentrate my future racing ambitions only on the road bike.
As such, I want to ride the Tour Transalp. I believe the Ranch needs a presence at this event.

Who´s in? or are you all little girly boys?

Love, Stem


riderturbo said...

StemCell Representin'. Quality pic n post. Love to ride the transalp but riderZoe probably not yet up for 7 days in the bicycle trailer yet. Let's order some new ranch kit

riderpitts said...

stemmer - im coming to town this week - prepare

RiderNOSHOW said...

Way to go stemmer! Sounds to me like you need a snickers bar.

Rider Cali said...

the stem is strong. stem we are looking at a sept event. keep you posted