Sunday, June 17, 2007

Windsor Tri 2007 - Ranch Rules


The Ranch exploded onto the scene Sunday for the Windsor Triathlon.

Riderwurzel, Riderturbo and Ridermama hit the 3.45am alarm button to make the 6am start. The strong currents of the Windsor swim have claimed victims in the past: 750 meters of ice cold intimidation with the first 500m swimming upcurrent to the yellow buoy before turning downstream for the last 250m.

The Ranch answered the challenge and would not be denied. Riderwurzel came out of wave 1 in a smooth 17.30 with Riderturbo putting in a personal event best of 15.30 (unofficial).

Snappy transitions led the Ranch to do what it does best: put the POWER down on the bike.

After two lightning 30km time trials encompassing one large loop through the rolling countryside, the Ranch high stepped it onto the 5km run.

Circling beautiful Windsor castle with the Union Jack flag flying high atop celebrating the Queens birthday, the Ranch declared turf-war with other riding and tri clubs, tag teaming with Ranch jerseys and establishing a forceful presence among would-be pretenders. Both riders took no guff, quick stepping with machine gun cadence and savouring the pain like the flavor of the month.

Ridermama, Riderbaby and Ranch team dog Jake formed a boisterous cheering section that was the envy of teams and spectators alike. Riderwurzel felt a bit rough after teaching a tough spinning class Saturday, but still established who was boss. Riderturbo got up in peoples faces and showed others that, regardless of time, place or rank, the RANCH IS NUMBER ONE.

The RIDERS extend a warm THANK YOU to all who donated to Leukaemia Research in support of their efforts for this charity ride. Your generosity DOES make a difference.

Newsflash! Unofficial timing indicates that both Riderwurzel and Riderturbo may have broken into top 10 rankings! Stay tuned for official confirmation...


riderchiche said...

you guys rock!!!

another amazing performance certainly setting the standards for what other riders look up to...I hope that next year we have more ranch jerseys in several triathlon events...

and great chronicle too...riderturbo knows how to keep our attention in these log posts...

next weekend another cycle event awaits the team in preparation for L'etapecoming up in no training should not go down at all...


riderpitts said...

i love the machine gun cadence line - well done

rider eazy-e said...

outstanding performane guys- it takes a strong wheel and a lot of courage to deliver on such way-

as chiche noted, you are setting the standards here and we should aim to have more ranch jerseys in future triathlons to come.

congrats on a great race and thank you very much for the detailed post!

Tea said...

What a great report!

I'm going to check in on your blog more often.

Well done!