Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Windsor Results - Gauntlet Throwin'

Results are in for the Windsor Triathlon, 750m swim / 30km bike / 5.5km run!

Out of 175 male competitors in sprint distance:

Riderwurzel comes in 10th place overall, 7th ranked bike split, 4th place senior mens category.

Riderturbo notches up 13th overall with a 6th ranked bike split and 6th place senior mens category.

Full results:

Special shotz out to our homie Bolder in Boulder -- Riderturbo's beautiful home town -- for representin' The Ranch with the team kit layout in a ghetto fabolous blog post!


Bolder said...

a tremendous day in Ranch Cycling triathlon history...

may there be many more.

RiderPrca said...
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riderwurzel said...

Hey Guys,

have you seen Riderturbos bike split? This guy is ROCK!! We need to put some extra weight on his bike or he is going to kill us all

Well done!

Does anyone know how old ih he :-)

rider eazy-e said...

AWESOME- riderturbo / riderwurzel great effort- the podium is getting I am sure soon we will have a ranch jersey on it! CONGRATS on the outstanding results-