Monday, February 12, 2007


Mon - off
Tue - spin am / run pm
Wed - spin am
Thur - run pm
Fri - spin am (the instructor was not there, so I grabbed a CD and coached my own class) / party at night!!
Sat - run in hyde park/kensington gardens...I like London!!
Sun - Ride in Richmond park with rider eazy-e, rider cali, and riderlito...there and back from South Ken plus 4 lasp in the continued with pasta and a movie!

Today is off again...



rider eazy-e said...

keep an eye in your bump- not sure why but is getting BIGGER.

rider eazy-e said...

ON A MORE SERIUS NOTE- despite looking a bit "heavier" I noticed you are riding at a very good pace, nice and easy almost effortsly I will say-