Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the chiche wedding

Normally a wedding follows a stag and that is exactly what happened as a few members of the ranch travelled to melbourne to give witness and state their approval. While most male cycling enthusiasts that follow this blog will turn off at this point - i know faithful reader tea and wedding aficiando ridermamma will want some sort of overview.

The week kicked off with RiderCrespo and RiderEasy-e flying from europe to OZ via hong kong which allowed a few days chez riderpitts. Ridercrespo made the most of his time rising early for runs around the peak, visiting local temples, exploring the various markets, and eating well. Ridereasy-e, true to his Latino roots, chose to live the life of a 17 year old sloth, and aside from a visit to mongkok and the venerable tailor Raja - preferred hong kong at night. This included a nightly skinny dip in the pitts pool and the eternal easy-e life questions posed while floating around bare assed to the stars.

Melbourne appears to be a very liveable city with cafes, coffee shops, and bars all hopping, oblivious to any sort of world downturn. The weekend paper felt heavier than the sunday new york times and on inspection was the result of a 90 page pull out with nothing but real estate classifieds. Draw your own conclusions there.

The friday night reception was held in the old gentleman's club of melbourne - the melbourne club. In a room fit only for a blazer and kaki's we listened to a history of the club while eating miniature steak pie's and slurping beer. Sarahs father gave everyone a lesson on how to address a room on the eve of his eldest daughters wedding - he is one smooth fellow.

The wedding was held at newnham college at the university of melbourne - the sacrament was not administered - however, the bride looked wonderful and chiche a handsome fellow - but the show was in part stolen by ridercrespo's 4 year old daughter valentina who acted as ring bearer and flower girl.

Following the church - a tour bus ran us around Melbourne and a brief history of the town was given. We drove the formula circuit and pasat the site of the Australian open.

The dinner was at the art gallery of melbourne - which was hosting a Dali exhibition. The room was magnificent with 60 foot ceilings and a stained glass roof. Here the stage was set for the inspirational and heartfelt wedding speeches that touched all. Ridercrespo was as elegant in his black tie as was his overview of the chiche - and of course chiche's speech was appropriate and wonderfully timed as one glimpse of the head table showed the male argentine contingent babbling like a bunch of jewish grandmothers watching Yentl.

This wedding - it can be safely summarised - was a perfect expression about all that is good in people, with the lingering sensation left in everybody that truly the chiche/sarah house is one built of stone.


rider eazy-e said...

Happy kid that Pittsy walking in Mel with lovely Simone -his wife- ... so people wonder.. how did he got soo lucky? Regarding speeches, the argies did extremely well, making the aussies cry and laugh at the same time. hey spoke with their heart in hands.. outstanding.

RiderNOSHOW said...

That's a nice post. I particularly like the photo of the bride and groom. I wish Chiche and the new bride all the happiness, love, success and healthy children they deserve. Well done.

burritoman said...

Another literary jewel from rider pitts. As always, a post rich in details that perfectly portrays the experience for those of us who couldn't assist.

Remarkable how the portrayal for once is about a truly pleasant subject, in this case chiche/sarita's wedding and their beautiful ceremony I so wish I could have attended, and not about rider eazy-e's eternal quest for the 80's vanity summit (aka the sun-bed in the back toom) or a collective waxing routine before a race which you so thoughtfully helped document with pictures to enrich your posts.

Very well put in all senses.

Chiche, brother, I toasted from the distance and truly wish Sarita and you the very best. Very glad for you both!!

riderturbo said...

Sarah looks like a princess and Chiche not bad for a hairy-legged cycle-groom in a tux. Match made in heaven. Friends and ranch riders are looking photo-sharp, including proud-walking Pitts & stylish Simone, dapper Crespo and smooth-as-silk Eazy E. Solid, bulky write-up -- thanks Avocado --and to the newlyweds, much love and CONGRATULATIONS. -- Mama, Turbo & Zoe.

Rider Cali said...

good writer that rider pitts fella