Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RiderStemCells New Machine

I had a custom sized frame built for me from the German Expert frame builder NICOLAI. 100% Easton Aluminum with a bottom bracket stiffer than a diamond. No carbon frame can match the stiffness of my Argon Road. It is fast...I am clocking speeds of over 75km/S down the hills of Feldberg here in Frankfurt. Negative Gravity Brakes, Easton SL90 Fork, and waiting for my Rotor Q rings(53/39) and Crank set to arrive.


riderpitts said...

and it travels well - just like the stem cell

Rider Cali said...

oooooo stemcell in the house.

hey rider stemcell, next weekend is the drielander man. you going to represent the german contingent of the ranch?

Il Passo dello Stelvio is calling your name! put it in the blag my brotha!

Anonymous said...

Yes-I'll be representing the ranch....can anyone overnight me a medium jersey?

riderturbo said...

Stiff + Light = Quality Rig... Fly Stemcell, Fly