Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday morning ride

Four Ranch riders met in the old village of Turville on saturday morning... Warm morning, for a change.... RiderCrespo, RiderCali, RiderNoshow and RiderZinni.... Beautiful 2hrs ride..
The effect of the recent Argentinean summer holiday were very evident on RiderCrespo body.... Too many alfajores ( and too many Bife de Lomo... anyway he manage to climb la "subida de la muerte" strongly and that was important... RiderCali is still struggling with his knee injury but manage to ride for a fair bit.. RiderNoShow strong as ever... leading the peleton... Anyway it was good to see the ranch again and see Turville .... We ended up riding for two hrs, did the subida de la muerte 2.4times and rode strongly back to the car park... great way of spending saturday morning... If anyone is around this week we will meet up for dinner on Thursday night...


Tea said...

What? No pictures of riders holding hands finishing the ride? No pictures of good food? No pictures of anyone diving in some remote lake?

Geesh, this blog has really gone downhill with Pittsy's move.

oh well, it was a nice write up zinni.

RiderNOSHOW said...

dinner wednesday! Can't do thursday. YUMI. Where's Pittsy?

Anonymous said...

pittsy is on his way to hong kong. we rode yesterday and had some beers-he´ll put up a post later.