Thursday, June 5, 2008

u really think frankfurt sucks?

Finding myself spending more and more time in our frankfurt office - i often get the response "poor you" "isnt that the most boring town in europe". Maybe they are referring to the club scene - which i cant comment on - maybe they are referring to the bar scene - which i cant comment on. But what i can say - is if you are a rider - the kind of rider which gets a bit jumpy if his legs are idle for more than a couple days - then frankfurt is your place. I can take a subway from the middle of frankfurt a mere 100m from our offices - and be dumped 25 minutes later at the foot of a 45 minute climb in the middle of the forest. On that exposure you get very little traffic - a ton of mountain bike guys zipping up groomed single track - and perfect blacktop for the roadie. The climb tops out on the summitt of the felberg - which is the highest point in the taunus. Thus the riderpitts knocks off 2 climbs and is home in bed by ten - you tell me - who is playing for second place.


Rider Cali said...

how much does that train ride cost?

RiderNOSHOW said...

that looks like a fresh leg shave with lotion. I can only imagine the train manager taking your picture with a lump in his tight leather pants and stroking his mustache.

Tea said...

please don't tell me that's your "sexy" look.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to be able to get 100 km and 3000+ climbing after work.

Rider StemCell is heading up their now. To bad your in London.

Sunday is a now go for me in Schwarzwald, unfortunately.

Maybe next week in the Taunus-

Rider StemCell-Pierre Debs

Anonymous said...

Spell Check:

It is nice to be able to get 100km and 3000+ meters climbing after work! Rider StemCell is heading up there right now. Too bad your in London. Schwarzwald on Sunday won´t work for me.

Maybe next week in the Taunus?

Rider StemCell-Pierre Debs