Friday, June 27, 2008

Terrone no more

The RiderZinni has turned a new leaf. Kinda like that kid in school who one day shows up in class with a new look which transforms him from stripey shirt, spiderman lunch box guy to joe skateboard punk - and all of his stuff from that point come straight from the pages of Skater magazine - so has the riderZinni. Checking first his new lid - a LAS squalo - which in italian means shark - has all the sleekness and performance of an unmistakably european helmet. Given his last effort earned him the nickname bubble boy - the LAS is much more appropriate for the Zinni. However, what really this post is about - is the last of the holdouts has given up the fight - yup - quite possibly the harriest rider i know - has risked all the mocking and ridicule which awaits him in his southern italian village - and allowed his wife to turn back time and return his legs to that silky smooth toddler stage with the aid of the new gillete fusion and a craftsman cordless weed wacker . While the contrast of Zinni's monkey boy matting on chest, back and shoulder with his shiny new legs - provides the average 3 year old with a "what is wrong with the picture" game - We at the ranch applaud and endorse the smooth and improved riderZinni.


RiderStemCell said...

The Gillette Lady Venus 3 is the best razor- RiderZinni went through 15 of my replacement blades cutting the forrest growing on his legs!

Welcome to the club Zini-Buona Fortuna!

rider eazy-e said...

In line with ranchers philosophy, "its all about THE LOOK". rider zinni looking strong this day. Shaved legs, oil and the crystallo certanly made the right impression in Nauders... united we stand, rancher eazy-e.

Tea said...

I have this odd feeling that he did not go willingly.

I think the Gimp and Eazy-e have quite a bit in common.