Thursday, October 18, 2007

who has seen this man

Riderturbo - flying very low since the successful passing of his pilots licence - has not been seen outside the comfortable confines of his princess square flat since the leaves began turning 6 weeks ago. The short race in prosecco was tailor made for the ranch's lead sprinter - who pulled his own impersonation of NoShow -which we could all endorse given the new demands of riderbabyzoe - but were astonished to learn that mamma and baby were seen loitering in boulders own colorado multi sport that same weekend - that could only mean riderturbo pulled a version of 6th grade "gee mom - i dont feel very well today" - skipped the race - and smugly spent two days alone free from baby - mamma - and prosecco. Maybe he doesnt want to tarnish his last result - top 10 windsor triathalon which this blog highlighted in July. We can only hope that the 2 days alone wern't spent designing a fast tack reading program for 4 month old zoe - as the last time we saw old riderturbo was when he was nailing as sign above zoe's crib entitled "cornell or bust".

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Tea said...


I believe the term we use here for those weekends when momma and children are gone is STINKY BOY WEEKEND.