Thursday, July 26, 2007

burrito wed

Ranchers gathered at ridercrespo's - london's newest millionaire - urban playhouse - to snack on burritos and watch our favorite tour of our favorite sport - slide into further disrepute. We listened to riderchichi take us through his experience at the etape as we watched vino cover the same climbs with his blood thick as chocolate mousse. We saw chichi's expose his battle wounds from his epic crash on the first descent - chichi by the way finished the race comfortably in the top third with his face looking like he just stepped out of a phone booth with a woolverine - and his ranch bib shorts looking like something u mind find at leather night on the castro. A couple bullet points on the etape and why we think this is an "ok to miss" race. First, out of 9k riders 4k were frog marched to the sweeper van - weeeeeeeak. Clowns everywhere riding bikes which are way to nice for their ability - descending is problematic with wacksters from flatland never having seen a 70 handle on their polar cs200. And lastly - it aint cheap with vouchers that one must purchase from one of a handful of french tour operators costing all in north of 1k euros. The highlight of the night proved not be our flagrant violation of the "no ice cream until paris" rule - nor was it riderpitts's technically sound burritos - but easily the highlight of the night was riderbaby "zoe" all 2 weeks of her cuddling with the team ranch doll as passed down from valentina - to lizzie - to anouk - to zoe. A couple special mentions go out to ridercali for being the 18th american out of 300 to cross the line - and rider eazy-e for pulling the wounded chichi on the final climb - at pace. That guy is a team guy. Oh - and rider noshow for living up to his name.

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Tea said...

wook at da widdle baaaybbbbeeeeee.

Great pictures!

Technically sound burritos...too bad. We have the absolutely scrumptuous burn your nose hair burritos out here. But, you have to take what you can get.