Saturday, July 14, 2007

babies and the ranch

Big week for the ranch - riderjosh starts us off with a new baby girl - sophia. Ridermamma not to be outdone - provides her own solo break and produces ranchbaby on sat a.m. 7:31 - described by riderturbo as "healthy as a bean - smooth as butter". Ridereazy-e, riderchichi, and ridercali are all in france preparing for the etape on monday. Riderzinni is in london re-living his big race in austria around the breakfast table. Ridercrespo is enjoying all the comforts that attach to being londons newest millionaire. Riderhowe is working the hills around zurich and watching the first steps of lizzie. Riderpitts is doing his best impression of ridernoshow and not showing in france. And ridercriti is just getting his breath back after watching his credit book trade up and down 20mln buck this week. For all that follow our knuckleheaded blog - make your own bets on the etape chosing from these 3 hombres pictured.

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