Friday, June 8, 2007

thursday nite ritual - holy night

riderpitts, ridercrespo, riderchichi, ridercali, and first timer this year - riderzinni - played in the chilterns thursday night. Pace was a little gray much like the weather with the only noteworthy parts being riderchichi's double flat, ridercrespo's brush with death, and riderpitts's new R3 ride. Even the steak and lamb at the bull and butcher felt a bit drab. Traffic was heavier than usual with the first cut of hay taking place and the resulting wide load farm vehicles clogging 2 meter wide lanes especially on our training turville heath climb. To inspire ourselves with an infusion of a different sort of mind set - i have included a sign in german (picture above) reminding us of jan ullrich's legendary line with his faithful teammate Udo bolts - "qual dich du sau" - translated - torture yourself you pig.


riderturbo said...

Love Ullrich's quote. Congrats on the R3. About time you dropped some coin on a first class rig. Vervollkommnen, wenn du auf den langen europäischen Aufstiegen dich quälst.

riderturbo said...
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