Monday, June 25, 2007

dreilander - ranch and the beast

A detailed account of this past weekends race is sure to follow - suffice it to say - the stelvio pass - being the 2nd highest mountain pass in europe - 48 switchbacks - is just that - a beast. 4 ranch cyclists suffered, gulped, yelped, grimiced - and most of all loved it.


Bolder said...


a staircase into the heavens.

put me down for next year!

Rider Cali said...

i like your style RiderBolder. a real cowboy dude. you are in for next year.

riderturbo said...

You MUST be JOKING. That climb is SICK!

I am tremendously proud of you boys for gritting, grinding, grimacing and slobbering all the way up that MONSTER.


RiderMama said...

Holy moly! I am awe struck! Almost makes Labor look easy!