Thursday, May 3, 2007

morbish 132k - austria april 07

riderpitts and ridereazy-e represented ranchcycling in austria this past weekend. The pair rode agressively making a solid account of themselves. Race was a fast tempo flat course of 132k winding itself through parkland on the austro-hungarian border. Cramps and head winds aside - the race will prove a good warm up for bergamo on the 13 may. We have found our mule to drag back ranch stuff from NY in time for distribution next thursday nite. Suggest a one hour interval spin at regents park - followed by some spagetti with red sauce - and ranch gear for all. Big round of snaps to critirider for all of his efforts.


riderchiche said...

Well done riderpitts (puller)and rider eazy-e (drafter) for proudly representing the ranch team in Austria!!

And thanks critrider for all his help with the gear!!

Look forward to receiving it on Thursday...what a site in Bergamo with all of us in the same outfit...

...the big question remains: Will eazy-e play for the team? ;-)

riderpitts said...

eazy-e accepts pain