Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Princes Square Squad

Riderchiche, Ridermama & Riderturbo did a morning Turville ride last Sunday 15 April. Riderchiche was climbing strong as billy goat on the first ride of his beautiful brand new carbon Colnago Cristallo. Ridermama was carrying seven months worth of baby -- which at 10kg extra weight, we calculated weighed more than Riderchiche's entirely new 7.2kg bike. Riderturbo and riderchiche did double climbs while ridermama paced herself on the hills to keep her heartrate under the doctor-recommended 140bpm. It was a beautiful spring morning in ol' Buckinghamshire!


rider eazy-e said...

you guys won- ridermama rocks!

riderpitts said...

i figure rider chichi should borrow mamma's red flowered top for bergamo - thats great gear.