Monday, March 26, 2007


jury is out - "wanna" is pictured above giving his single bicep in an attempt to sway the judges in his bid for ranch membership. girth aside - we will let the people decide - does "wanna" get the sacred prefix of rider - or does gladiator die?


rider eazy-e said...

A big welcome to riderwannnabe- He may not look as the stongest guy and YES his stomach may be pointed out as an issue from other riders.. however I promise you guys that riderwanna experience and winsdom will be of a great help to our team if nothing else to organice our summer bbq's.
I say gladiator lives!!

Rider Cali said...

Wanna gets my vote on the basis of the following 2 factors:

a) the name alone is priceless and probably accurately describes all of us.

b) the attempt to be constantly aerodynamic with the gordon gecko slicked back haircut shows early signs of the committment we are looking for.

riderchiche said...

C'mon wanna!
My vote is for you as well. We always welcome enthusiastic individuals into the team!!
Btw, it seems like things are quiet at CS since you have time to take pictures in the middle of the day ;-)

ridercrespo said...

Rider wanna,

welcome onboard!!! Loads of kisses from ridercrespo.

On a different note, I want to update you guys of my training progress: After 3 weeks of eating meat and Rogel, ridercrespo was back on training regime:

Monday/Tuesday 7 laps to regents park plus a hill session in Hampstead.

Wed, running: 53' session in the heath.

Love you all