Monday, March 19, 2007


Dear Riders,

On saturday I moved into my new flat in Princes Square. The few times I visted the flat before moving in I always saw a car parked outside with three Thule bike racks, and I felt happy to know there were other riders in the vicinity...and then, on Sunday morning, as I come in from my morning run, I see the door of the flat nex door opened and two nice racers ready to be places in the Thule racks...and to my surprise ridermama shows up from inside...amazing, I just moved in next door to two strong members of the Ranch!!! What are the odds?? So now I have less of an excuse to miss training...I can already hear the knock on the door on SUnday morning to hit the road to Turville..;-)

It seems like the Ranch brings people soon as a flat becomes available in the building, one of you should take and we will not stop until we fill the building with riders...hahaha



rider eazy-e said...

I think the first knock in the door you will hear will be to take care of the new baby when its born! while rider mama and rider turbo go out for a ride... :-)

Rider Cali said...

viva el ranch