Monday, February 19, 2007


Another week went by...

Mon - off
Tue - spin am / run pm
Wed - spin am
Thur - run pm (followed by desk dinner/drinks/club)
Fri - nothing (the spin am dis not happen due to the results of the prior night)
Sat - Swimming lesson am / Hyde park run pm (1:15 - 14km). Very nice sunset. Big red ball of fire!
Sun - Cycle ride Richmond park - not too long as I was introducing the place to a friend who was cycling for the first time...who knows? we may have another rider joining the group!!

Today is off again though I may go to the pool to do some drills I was told by the swimming instructor...

I have to admit that I am not following the diet as good as I should but I am feeling better...hopefully I'll be fit enough when the summer comes!


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riderpitts said...

ham and cheese sammies - does everyone know that u only eat ham and cheese sammies or burrritos with no veggies?