Friday, January 12, 2007

The Gimondi Manifesto

Be ready for "Gimondi" and for yourself.
Every cyclist feels the need to be fit and healthy.
Here 10 rules to be ready for "Gimondi", to have fun, to keep fit and for a healthy life-style:
1. Believe in a life-style oriented to health and fitness.
2. Think positive and believe in yourself to achieve your own targets.
3. Live outdoor: body and mind in harmony with nature.
4. A healthy and balanced nutrition.
5. A constant sport activity.
6. Respect your town as much as you want your home be respected.
7. Forget sometime the car in the box.
8. Be comfortable with people because we are them.
9. Re-discover the pleasure of walking, running, and cycling in the streets of your town.
10. Have a strong sense of duty, but of enjoyment too.
Why cycling is good, in four points:
1. Bicycle and health. The bicycle is health and life. It is good for legs, lungs, blood-circulation and hearth. Cycling reduces the risk of heart attack by 30%. It trains the legs muscles and it does not disfigure women’s calves (as many usual say!). Cycling is good for the mood because you can meet people with your same passion.
2. Bicycle and tourism. The bicycle is good for tourism because it leaves you the time to look around. You discover the beauty of your suburb and the area nearby with a wider visual than a rapid glance from the car.
3. Bicycle and pollution. The bicycle is the best friends of environment. It gives an indispensable help to reduce the pollution in our towns; leave the car at home and the city will be more liveable and human.
4. Bicycle and side effects. The bicycle is not a dangerous means of transport, if you do not pretend to fly! You choose the route and the speed; you are not influenced by traffic. You will sweat but with a smile on your face.